A little or a lot – you decide!

A little or a lot – you decide!

At Smakfulle Rom we offer a variety of activities, both indoors and out. The farm happens to own one of Scandinavias biggest activity parks, the Høyt & Lavt Lillestrøm, and it’s just 400 meters from the farm. The park offers a wide range of team-building activities, and we will happily put together a package to suit your wishes. 

Høyt & Lavt activity park

To share an experience will help strengthen the team, and we dare say that our team-building exercises will do the job! Our very own park, just 400 meters from the farm and it is the second largest in the country. The focus for the activities is communication, cooperation and to have fun, together. 
We could, for instance, combine the Pentathlon (activities/problem-solving/puzzles) with our TreeTop challenges, we have twenty to choose from, plus 41 ziplines. We would recommend that you spend at least three hours on this, and we will of course serve you food and drinks if you so wish. Contact us at booking@smakfullerom.no or read more on the activities in Høyt & Lavt here.

The Farmers challenge

Quick and easy or are you up for a bigger challenge? You decide, as our Pentathlon is made to fit for all. We call the Farmers challenge, and it consists of fun and easy challenges for two or more groups. The basic challenge lasts for about one and a half hour, and can be expanded further at the activity park.

Cooking class

We offer a range of cooking classes and menus to suit everyone’s tastes and skill levels.
The lessons are fun, sociable and informal, and a good way to pick up a few
tricks of the trade. 

Wine tasting

Mr Dan Lystad is an Advanced Sommelier and chef and is frequently holding lectures on wines and related topics. He has won the grand title European Champion Sommelier and happens to live close by the Farm. Is there anything in particular you would like to learn on the subject? We can design any lecture based on your wishes, be it on the reds, whites or the bubbly variety.