A kitchen dedicated to fresh and local produce


Top quality food starts with top quality ingredients

The ingredients are everything. Our chefs personally source as much of the local produce as they can, and there is plenty of it in our region. They continuously vary the menu
to fit what’s available in the season, and make sure to get the most out of every flavour.

We also co-operate with several producers around the country should there be anything we
need that is not to be found locally. There is bountifulto be picked in our forests and
fields too, of mushrooms, herbs, berries and buds.


The appetizing calm...

We believe that the atmosphere at the table is just as important as the food. Which is why there is no buffet for you to dart to and back from, either at breakfast, lunch nor dinner. We’d like you to relax and enjoy the time and company of your colleagues, as well as the food served. It makes for a better start and will help keep the work going throughout the day. If we can help make the day run a little smoother, so much the better.

Introducing our kitchen marvels 

Our chef Roar Bergheim and his team has gained wide acclaim for their innovative use of the local produce to create new and exciting flavours. Kristine started as a trainee and has been working as a chef for quite some time. Elias is now the newest trainee and is showing great promise.

Our kitchen is very interested in sustainability and as we often receive the entire carcass of an animal, every bit is used. On the farm we still have the old ‘stabbur’ where dry meats were hung in the olden days, and still do. We follow the seasons, everything is made from scratch, and served as the two-course lunch, and four-course dinners at our lovely restaurant. Our chefs delight in being creative, and every month they present a brand-new menu.

The Restaurant

As we are so very proud of our food, we are happy to announce that our restaurant will be open for anyone to come and have a taste, not only the conference guests. Every Thursday you can bring your friends and enjoy a unique dining experience based on the local and seasonal produce.

For larger groups we can also offer to dine in either the ‘lavvo’ or the café down in the Activity Park. We welcome you to enjoy the genuine cuisine from our kitchen at the Smakfulle Rom, and don’t forget to book in advance!

The menu... 

Our menu changes with the seasons and their offerings. Here follows a few examples.
Pickled Arctic Char with quail eggs from Vilberg, carrot and chive oil. Wild boar with a parsnips and spinach puree, onion tart, pickled chanterelles and herb sauce. Fried ‘Fjelltopp’, a chevre, with baby salad and fig compote.

Fill in the form below to book a table, at least two days in advance of your visit please, monday-thursday only.

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