Cooking class

Would you like to spend some time with our skilled chefs? We have several classes on offer and you get to keep the compendium of notes and recipes.

Cook your own dinner:  Our chefs will instruct you on how to prepare the meat, sauce and trimmings, all to our high standard.

The desserts:   Would you like some inspiration on desserts that are easy to accomplish at home and will most certainly impress your guests?

Sauces: We make three sauces that is the base of most dishes. This will come in very useful for later!

Baking bread: No-kneading bread for the lunchbox. This is the bread we bake in-house for our guests, and it’s very popular. It shouldn’t be too much work to bake for the whole family and we will show you how.

Pickles and preserves: Fermentation and preserving of berries, mushrooms and vegetables is a tradition that seems to have come back in fashion, and it is an easy and clever method of utilizing the produce.

Pizza: Everything you need to know from the dough to the best tomato sauce.



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